Salam Zendegi Campaign

After heavy rains in med-west and south of the country in the beginning days of the current year, there was flood and inundation in Lorestan, Shiraz, Khuzestan and some parts of Mazandaran and Golestan province. Besides the loss to farm lands and residential residences, it destroyed educational spaces and schools on those areas. Salam School […]

Ideas to Motivate Independent Reading in Students

According to various researches, there is a strong correlation between independent reading and general academic achievement in students. Independent reading boosts vocabulary, reading comprehension, verbal skills and achievement-test scores. Moreover, early independent reading can create a snowball effect that expands knowledge. Therefore, parents and teachers have to build an independent reading program to improve this […]


Sport Tournaments

Sport Tournaments Undeniably, sport is an important part of school life. Studies have shown that playing sports helps students to develop physically, socially and mentally, enables them to better cope with the demands of school life, builds more connections between nerves, leading to increased concentration and stimulates creativity and problem solving skills Accordingly, with efforts […]

Salam Cup, An Opportunity for Next Inventors

Salam Cup, An Opportunity for Next Inventors Salam School Complex try to give scientific and studious opportunities to students. Accordingly, Salam Cup is held annually to strength the scientific abilities of students. The festival has started since 2011. Salam Cup is held in three educational level and students from Elementary, lower-secondary and upper-secondary stage compete […]

Osveye Hassaneh Artistic and Cultural Festival

Osveye Hassaneh Artistic and Cultural Festival Artistic and cultural festival of Salam School Complex is held by the name of Osveye Hassaneh. The festival was started in 2012 and is held in Holy Prophet Birthdays annually. By the efforts of principals, headmistresses and cultural and artistic teachers of Salam, its sixth round was feasted in […]

Jafar Ebrahimi (Shahed), whose poetry has remained as a good memory for several generations of Iranians.

Jafar Ebrahimi (Shahed), whose poetry has remained as a good memory for several generations of Iranians. The pleasure of reading is not in comparison with other pleasures in life. Jafar Ebrahimi is a simple name. It is considered to be quite simple that is hardly believed to be a collective memory of several generations of […]

To the parents:

The world that today’s children are growing up in may look very different from the world you know as a child. They will have opportunities to live, work and study anywhere in the world and will experience a much more international environment in their own country. Their world will also be much more demanding and […]