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Salam Schools Complex

Our Schools Introduction

Salam schools complex with precise planning and a strategic plan for whole organization, by hiring and educating expert staffs and efforts of best teachers and hard working students, is following the way of educating outstanding and moral youths.
Salam schools complex are the greatest school networks in IRAN which their first school was founded in 2003 by decedent Eng Hajjarian and now there are almost 41 schools in different educational levels in the entire country.

Salam schools complex prepare an environment in which students have progress in learning process and help themselves to achieve sublimity and growth by showing their talents and growing their capabilities
Students will learn responsibility, how to communicate with others, and many other required skills for life by practicing the life in school environment,

Ahamad Hajjarian Kashani

Ahamad Hajjarian Kashani

founder of Salam Schools’ Complex