Salam School Complex

Salam Schools Complex

Iranian Schools

Our mission is to provide educational services from pre-school to pre-college programs.

Our services are as follows: Holding different educational programs in all pre-college levels in frame! of private schools by distinguished educational approaches, which include official science materials, scientific Olympiads and research-culture-fate-art-sport-vocation skills.

Our Schools-overview

Salam schools complex is the center of the most elite managers, teachers and staffs and is a known, reliable and leader organization in the field of education with the biggest share of private school education market in country which has a wide network in the entire country with sustainable development.


Salam students and their families, consider Salam as a center for best educational services in country and they believe Salam graduates are the most successful ones in country. They are faithful to Salam school and recommend Salam to other people as a center with scientific and cultural integrity.


Teachers and executive body of Salam are working in a dynamic, creative and fresh environment to do their best for organization. Continuous improvement and learning leads Salam staff to reach a high level of educational, cultural and executive abilities. That is because they believe Salam growth and success is their growth and success and they are proud of working in Salam and feel complete consent of working in it. They have faith in Salam and are proud of Salam symbol.


A collection of managers, shareholders and investors who are interested in education and culture of homeland youths and are proud of initiating and setting up of Salam schools complex. They take precedence family consents and success of their children rather than their financial benefits.

Strategic Partner Companies
Strategic partner companies: They are a wide network of leader and faithful companies which consider Salam responsible for its Commitments and with a mutual trust, they enjoy their long term win-win relation with Salam.

Our School Specifications

  • 1

    Comprehensive Course Program including: Official Education University Entrance Exam preparation (Konkour) Olympiad Cultural Research Sport Vocational

  • 2

    Having capable, effective and Compassionate staffs

  • 3

    Keeping relation with modern schools in the world

  • 4

    Connecting school education with society requirements

  • 5

    Using new educational methods

  • 6

    Using Systematic approach for accomplishing missions

  • 7

    Using electronic approaches for doing jobs as much as possible

  • 8

    Students contribution to manage school jobs and events

  • 9

    Respect to personal and group values

  • 10

    Amplification of student in relation to his/her family


In general, we can classify Olympiad club activities as below:

Selecting students

Every year and at the beginning of year, Students according to their interests participate in Olympiad entrance exam in different fields and then the outstanding students in exams will be invited to attend Olympiad courses.

Teaching Olympiad courses

According to a certain program, Olympiad classes in each field are taught alongside formal educational classes

Weekly Exams (Educational Evaluation)

Almost every week, students have an exam in their special fields of Olympiad and at the end of each semester, students’ activities will be evaluated and outstanding students get permission for attending classes for the next semester. In each semester, Students should take general educational exams and achieve good scores.

Educational Consultation

Students during a defined program will be analyzed during each semester by their educational consulters and important recommendations including their weaknesses and strengths will give to them.

Preparation for National Exams

According to special approach of selecting students for Olympiad teams in IRAN, 9 separate stages, classes, exams and special consultations will be held for students.

Organizing Scientific Camps

Every year and in special times of year, students will participate in compact scientific camps. One group of scientific camps is particularly for Olympiad works and another group is for preparation for national general educational courses which will be held in different times of educational year.

Research and Development (R&D)

Important accomplished Proceedings Codification Comprehensive strategic program (defining the goals and required strategies to reach these goals) Identifying and adjusting a standard profile for executive processes in educational centers Review on organization chart and school staffs duties according to processes Extracting an indicator for evaluating personnel and processes performances Comprehensive evaluation of educational systems and extracting their strength and weakness points Consultation in order to supervise and monitor the implementation of reforms in educational centers Optimizing novel plans from leading educational centers and Research and development center of Schools by avoiding of focusing only on theoretical topics and in order to reach applied and operational science, has a duty to optimize and implement novel methods of educational system management. For reaching to this goal, by taking advantage of experts help in various fields such as management, education, human resource and industrial engineering, they produce standard package to evaluate performance of management system of schools.

Educating Human Resources

Salam schools complex with more than 15 years experience of bright activity and by effective planning and efforts, could reach a top position in field of education and culture in country. One of yearly programs of organization for empowerment and enhancement of human capitals is knowledge synergy seminar for teachers and staffs which many seminars has been held so far with collaboration of universities and outstanding professors In different Educational, social and cultural topics.

Student Exams Accomplished proceedings

Inventing and holding school-based exams instead of student-based exams

Holding comprehensive exams with highest participants from best schools in IRAN

Forming a center for holding comprehensive exams with 4-choise and descriptive approaches

Collaboration with biggest centers of holding global exams in country The fast action of results announcement (90.000 person-question in 6 hour)